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Seite 6

Always Watching: Elite Guardians Series #1 - Lynette EasonAlways Watching: Elite Guardians Series #1
von Lynette Eason
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 02. Februar 2016          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 27,96 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

The bodyguards of Elite Guardians Agency have more than just skill and prowess in common; they're also all women.

When it becomes clear that popular psychiatrist and radio personality Wade Savage has a stalker, his father secretly hires Elite Guardians in order to protect his son. But when Wade's bodyguard is attacked and nearly killed, agency owner Olivia Edwards must step in and fill the gap.

Olivia's skills are about to be tested to the limit as Wade's stalker moves from leaving innocent gifts at his door to threatening those closest to him. Olivia has the feeling that she's next on the list. And to complicate things even further, she realizes that her heart may be in as much danger as her client.

More Than Words Can Say - Karen WitemeyerMore Than Words Can Say
von Karen Witemeyer
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 04. Juni 2019          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 25,33 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

After fulfilling a pledge to a dying friend, Zacharias Hamilton is finally free. No family entanglements. No disappointing those around him. Just the quiet bachelor existence he's always craved. Until fate snatches his freedom away when the baker of his favorite breakfast bun is railroaded by the city council. Despite not wanting to get involved, he can't turn a blind eye to her predicament. . . or her adorable dimples.

Abigail Kemp needs a man's name on her bakery's deed. A marriage of convenience seems the best solution. . . if it involves a man she can control. That person definitely isn't the stoic lumberman who oozes silent confidence whenever he enters her shop. Control Zacharias Hamilton? She can't even control her pulse when she's around him.  

When vows are spoken, Abigail's troubles should be over. Yet threats to the bakery worsen, and darker dangers hound her sister. Can she put ever more trust in Zach without losing her dreams of independence?

Christmas at Mountain Mist - Pamela FergusonChristmas at Mountain Mist
von Pamela Ferguson
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 15. November 2018          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 6,96 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

Dr. Brady Thomasson has his hands full. Christmas is two days away, and he's the physician in charge at Lilac's senior living community. A mysterious illness, blizzard conditions, and a skeleton staff would be enough to keep even the most seasoned medical professional on his toes. Will the unexpected arrival of his former girlfriend distract him from his duties?  

With a brewing scandal about to crash down on her head, environmental lawyer Camille Zignetti drives through a snowstorm to spend Christmas with her ailing grandfather. Certain she will pay a price for her employer's bad behavior, could Brady blame her for wanting to hide from a situation she'd helped to create?

Red Bows and Mistletoe: A Lilac Novella - Pamela FergusonRed Bows and Mistletoe: A Lilac Novella
von Pamela Ferguson
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 15. November 2019          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 6,96 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

Cole Higginbotham ditched his elf hat for good when he quit his family's lucrative year-round Christmas business. He's finally found peace as an orchard caretaker - until one night when a mysterious speck of light appears, flitting among the apple trees. Herb farmer Noelle Arber must harvest enough fresh mistletoe to decorate Main Street or she'll forfeit her much-needed contract fee. After she convinces Cole that she's not a mistletoe poacher, he surprises her with an offer. Give him a copy of her detailed orchard map and he'll help her decorate Main Street.

Make-Believe Honeymoon: Make-Believe Series, Book 3 - Vivi HoltMake-Believe Honeymoon: Make-Believe Series, Book 3
von Vivi Holt
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 14. Januar 2019          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 18,33 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

Two private investigators must pretend to be newlyweds in love on a Caribbean honeymoon cruise to catch a killer, but what happens when make-believe feelings turn real?

Callum Mc Kenzie, a former Navy S E A L, struggles to open himself up to love. So, when he books a ticket on a honeymoon cruise for a case, he has to find someone to play the role of doting wife. He hires someone, based on a recommendation from a friend, but when he meets the petite single mother, Callum has misgivings. He's attracted to her in a way he's never felt before, but he's her boss. Can he keep things professional between them and fight his forbidden feelings long enough to solve the case?

Jessie Arwens, a former beat cop, moved back home to Atlanta after losing her husband. All she wants now is to see her son settled in his new school and to start over as a private investigator. An old friend recommends her for a job with a successful local P I and she jumps at the chance to establish herself. When she meets him, she quickly finds herself caught up in their act. But she's been burned by love before and doesn't want to risk her son's happiness by leaping into a new relationship, especially with the man who's currently paying her wages.

Cruising through the tropical Caribbean, the two of them uncover a nefarious plot and web of lies on their pretend honeymoon. But they soon discover that when it comes to matters of the heart there's a fine line between make-believe and reality.

Make-Believe Fiancé
von Vivi Holt
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 17. August 2018          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 18,33 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

Take one billionaire cowboy in need of a fiancée, add one divorced teacher with trust issues, and mix in a fake engagement. What could possibly go wrong?

Gwen Alder is starting over - divorced and broke, she's come to Billings, Montana, for a new beginning. But waitressing in a roadside diner for the summer isn't paying the bills, and she finds herself in over her head with no hope of catching up.

Heath Montgomery has it all - fame, fortune, and a megawatt smile, but one thing he doesn't have is a date for his cousin's wedding.  

When they cross paths, Heath has an idea - what if he paid her to be his date? No strings, no complications, just a simple business transaction - a way to finally win his father's trust and get his parents off his back about settling down once and for all.

She's poor and plain. He's wealthy and arrogant.  

They didn't want anything more than a simple arrangement. They never planned to fall in love. But sometimes Cupid has a mind of his own.

Write Me Home - Crystal WaltonWrite Me Home
von Crystal Walton
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 10. November 2017          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 18,33 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

He lives by his heart. She lives by her plans. Until an unseen enemy and a growing attraction threaten control of both.

Returning to his hometown in the Catskills is the last thing firefighter Ethan De Luca's ready for. He'd rather leave memories where they belong - buried under ashes. But if he doesn't step up to take care of Nonna, who will? Working at the camp down the road seems like the perfect solution. Until his feisty redheaded boss ends up being one fire he has no idea how to put out.

Cassidy Mc Adams is on a mission. Get the camp Grandpa left her ready to sell, turn enough profit to bail Mom's business out of foreclosure, and hightail it back to her life in New York City. With unexpected complications mounting, she can't afford any distractions. Especially a ridiculously charming one who's eager to rescue her at every turn.

It'd be easier on them both to hide behind professional boundaries. But when unexplained attacks on the camp ignite a connection between them they can't ignore, running away is no longer an option.

A Love to Treasure: Sunriver Dreams, Book 1 - Kimberly Rose JohnsonA Love to Treasure: Sunriver Dreams, Book 1
von Kimberly Rose Johnson
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 10. November 2016          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 19,21 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

School teacher Nicole Davis is on summer break, but this vacation is unlike any other. Her beloved grandmother's final wish has landed Nicole smack in the middle of her favorite destination, Sunriver, Oregon, following Grams's clues on a mysterious scavenger hunt. Unexpectedly, Nicole finds more than just a fellow sleuth in a handsome police officer, Mark Stone. But Mark must return to his job in Portland at summer's end, and Nicole must guard her heart. Mark is hoping for a quiet summer in Sunriver as he contemplates his future in law enforcement, but a string of burglaries draws him from his self-imposed break from detective work and thrusts him into the middle of the investigation. To complicate matters, Nicole is in jeopardy, and he knows his growing feelings for her could cloud his judgment. Will their differing career goals be the end of their summer romance, or just the beginning of forever after?

Not Until Christmas Morning: A Christian Romance (Hope Springs, Band 5) - Valerie M. BoddenNot Until Christmas Morning: A Christian Romance (Hope Springs, Band 5)
von Valerie M. Bodden
Taschenbuch, 10. Dezember 2019          Auf Lager.

Preis: € 11,76 (Bücher Versandkostenfrei nach D, CH und A, bei Drittanbietern gelten deren Versandbedingungen)

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