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Threads of Suspicion - Dee HendersonThreads of Suspicion
von Dee Henderson
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 02. Mai 2017          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 27,08 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

With the public eye fixed on the governor's new Missing Persons Task Force, Detective Evie Blackwell and her new partner, David, are under pressure to produce results. While they investigate two missing persons cases in Chicago, Evie and David's conviction that justice is truly possible for all will be tested to the limit.

Dee Henderson pens another compelling cold case mystery.

Evie Blackwell's reputation as a top investigator for the Illinois State Police has landed her an appointment to the governor's new Missing Persons Task Force. This elite investigative team is launched with plenty of public fanfare. The governor has made this initiative a high priority, so they will have to produce results - and quickly. Evie and her new partner, David Marshal, are assigned to a pair of unrelated cases in suburban Chicago, and while both involve persons now missing for several years, the cases couldn't be more different. While Evie opens old wounds in a close-knit neighborhood to find a missing college student, David searches for a private investigator working for a high-powered client. With a deep conviction that "justice for all" truly matters, Evie and David are unrelenting in their search for the truth. But Evie must also find answers to the questions that lie just beneath the surface in her personal life.

Cold Shot: Chesapeake Valor, Book 1 - Dani PettreyCold Shot: Chesapeake Valor, Book 1
von Dani Pettrey
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 22. Februar 2016          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 20,08 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

In college, Griffin Mc Cray and his four best friends had their lives planned out. Griffin and Luke Gallagher would join the Baltimore P D. Declan Gray would head to the F B I, and Parker Mitchell would go on to graduate school as a crime scene analyst. But then Luke vanished before graduation, and their world - and friendships - crumbled. Now Griffin is a park ranger at Gettysburg, having left life as a S W A T-team sniper when a case went bad. The job is mostly quiet - until the day he captures two relic hunters uncovering skeletal remains near Little Round Top.

Griffin just wants the case to go away, but charming forensic anthropologist Finley Scott determines that the body is modern - a young social justice lawyer missing since spring - and all evidence points to the work of an expert sniper. When F B I agent Declan Gray takes over the case, past and present collide. Griffin soon realizes he'll need to confront some of the darkest days of his life if he - and those he cares about - are going to escape a downward spiral of murder that crosses continents.

Buried Secrets - Irene HannonBuried Secrets
von Irene Hannon
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 07. April 2015          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 27,96 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

After seven years as a Chicago homicide detective, Lisa Grant has hit a wall. Ready for a kinder, gentler life, she takes a job as a small-town police chief. But the discovery of a human skeleton by a construction crew at the edge of town taxes the resources of her department.

A call for assistance brings detective Mac Mc Gregor, an ex-Navy S E A L, to her doorstep. As they work to solve the mystery behind the unmarked grave, danger begins to shadow them. Someone doesn't want this dead person telling any tales - and will stop at nothing to make certain a life-shattering secret stays buried.

Master storyteller Irene Hannon is back with an exciting new series featuring former special forces operatives now in the thick of the action in civilian life. Hannon is at the top of her game in this can't-pause-it thriller that will have listeners up until the wee hours, devouring every minute.

Blind Spot - Dani PettreyBlind Spot
von Dani Pettrey
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 03. Oktober 2017          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 20,08 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

F B I agent Declan Grey is in the chase of his life - but isn't sure exactly what he's chasing after. Threatened by a terrorist that "the wrath is coming", Grey fears something horrible is about to be unleashed on American soil. When his investigation leads him to a closed immigrant community, he turns to Tanner Shaw to help him. She's sought justice for refugees and the hurting around the world, and if there's anyone who can help him, it's Tanner.

Tanner Shaw has joined the F B I as a crisis counselor. . . meaning she now has more opportunity to butt heads with Declan. But that tension also includes a spark she can't deny, and she's pretty sure Declan feels the same. But before anything can develop between them, they discover evidence of a terror cell - and soon are in a race against the clock to stop the coming "wrath" that could cost thousands their lives.

Still Life - Dani PettreyStill Life
von Dani Pettrey
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 31. Januar 2017          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 23,58 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

Blacklisted in the photography business when one of her shots causes a scandal, but desperate to somehow continue in the profession, Avery Tate answered an ad for a crime scene photographer. She fully expected to be laughed at, but crime scene analyst Parker Mitchell hired her outright - taking time to teach her the trade. Now she's half in love with the man, half terrified to even acknowledge her feelings, and completely hooked on the job - until the next crime hits too close to home. Avery attends the gallery opening of a new photography exhibit to support her best friend who modeled for the show. The only image of her, though, is a chilling photo of her posing dead. Only the photographer insists he didn't take the shot, and Avery's friend can't be found. As Avery and Parker, along with Parker's brilliant friends, begin to dig into the mystery, they find themselves face-to-face with a dangerous, relentless, and deadly threat which could endanger them all.

Kept - Sally BradleyKept
von Sally Bradley
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 19. Mai 2017          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 24,46 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

Life has taught Miska Tomlinson that there are no honorable men. Her womanizing brothers, her absentee father, and Mark, the married baseball player who claims to love her - all have proven undependable. But Miska has life under control. She runs her editing business from her luxury condo, stays fit with daily jogs along Chicago's lakefront, and in her free time blogs anonymously about life as a kept woman.

Enter new neighbor Dillan Foster. Between his unexpected friendship and her father's sudden reappearance, Miska loses control of her orderly life. Her relationship with Mark deteriorates, and Miska can't help comparing him to Dillan. His religious views are so foreign, yet the way he treats her is something she's longed for. But Dillan discovers exactly who she is and what she has done. Too late she finds herself longing for a man who is determined to never look her way again.

When her blog receives unexpected national press, Miska realizes her anonymity was an illusion. Caught in a scandal about to break across the nation, Miska wonders if the God Dillan talks about would bother with a woman like her - a woman who's gone too far and done too much.

Ich liebe dich so, wie ich bin: Eine Liebeserklärung an das Leben - Maria Elisabeth SchmidtIch liebe dich so, wie ich bin: Eine Liebeserklärung an das Leben
von Maria Elisabeth Schmidt
Buch, Gebundene Ausgabe, 01. Juni 2017          Auf Lager.

Preis: € 12,80 (Bücher Versandkostenfrei nach D, CH und A, bei Drittanbietern gelten deren Versandbedingungen)

Durch alle Zeiten: Roman - Helga HammerDurch alle Zeiten: Roman
von Helga Hammer
Buch, Gebundene Ausgabe, 13. Oktober 2017          Auf Lager.

Preis: € 9,40 (Bücher Versandkostenfrei nach D, CH und A, bei Drittanbietern gelten deren Versandbedingungen)

All This Time (Walker Family, Band 4) - Melissa TaggAll This Time (Walker Family, Band 4)
von Melissa Tagg
Taschenbuch, 14. September 2017          Auf Lager.

Preis: € 11,67 (Bücher Versandkostenfrei nach D, CH und A, bei Drittanbietern gelten deren Versandbedingungen)

Unspoken - Dee HendersonUnspoken
von Dee Henderson
Taschenbuch, 01. Oktober 2013          Auf Lager.

Preis: € 10,88 (Bücher Versandkostenfrei nach D, CH und A, bei Drittanbietern gelten deren Versandbedingungen)

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