The "Roussbuttnboum"

We sing 4-voices traditional folk-music of our homeland in our special local dialect and self-made songs in that style accompanied by a guitar. Our name has its origin in an historical profession of our hometown, the production of soot for printing-colour, cloth-colour, shoe-polish and cart-grease. A song about that gave us the name. Roussbuttnboum
Our most popular song is this about the "Marktleuthen Hearse":
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The song tells a true story: In Marktleuthen there is a historic horse-drawn hearse which was used for funeral processions up to the sixties. Since it was needed no more it was standing in a municipal barn. Some day in 1986 it suddenly disappeared. After the theft was reported to the police a member of a horse riding club brought it back and told that he buyed it from a Marktleuthen inhabitant with the name "Drechselmeyer". Of course there is no Drechselmeyer in our whole region and the affair couldn't solved completely. Our singer Hugo Kuenzel wrote the text to an old melody.

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