Nature Photography
in the Fichtelgebirge

Northern Bavaria

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"Our" Junior Staff of
Barn Swallows
(Hirundo rustica)

Eurasian Pygmy Owl
Eurasian Pygmy Owls
Eurasian Pygmy Owls (Glaucidium passerinum) are living in the woods around Marktleuthen in the Fichtelgebirge (Photos by Heinz Spath)

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Young Tengmalm's Owls
Young Tengmalm's Owls
(Aegolius funereus)
(Lynx Lynx)
Female Lynx
The female lynx looks happy and content in her
natural habitat as she relaxes upon a rock bed, covered in moss.

Poplar Leaf Beetle
Ladybirds - Coccinella
Hey, what are you doing there?!
Poplar Leaf Beetle / Aspen Leaf-Beetle
(Chrysomela populi
with Chrysomela tremulae)
Time of hibernation goes faster in social.
Ladybirds (Coccinella) in its Winter Accommodation

Butterfly Vanessa antiopa
Butterfly Eggs
Butterfly Eggs
Mourning Cloak = Camberwell Beauty
(Nymphalis antiopa = Vanessa antiopa)

Thanks, Ruth Greer, for translation
Some days later this leaf will no more exist:
Butterfly Eggs

Young Spiders
Junior Staff of Spiders This good food you don't want to eat?
Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus europaeus)
at our compost heap

Female and male blossom of the Hazelnut
Female (red) and
male (yellow) blossoms
of the Hazelnut
(Corylus avellana)
Linaria vulgaris - Stock
Common Toadflax, Yellow Toadflax,
Ramsted, Butter and Eggs
Linaria vulgaris
Sean Mckay told me
another English name "Stock".

Maiden Pink - Dianthus deltoides
Maiden Pink
(Dianthus deltoides)
Not too stony for this
(Campanula rotundifolia)

Latest success of gene technics:
Hybridization of Pine and Corkscrew
Scots Pine, Scotch Pine, Scotch Fir
(Pinus sylvestris)
Corkscrew - Pine
Corkscrew - Pine
Corkscrew - Pine

Oak with two legs Eiche
Oak with two legs
A Tree with two legs!
This oak-tree is located in
Arzberg at the "Ullmann-Steig" near
the catholic Church.

Branches wanted
to become trunks
when the tree layed down.

Two Ents *
just before
on the mountain
Fichte in der Kampfzone

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