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Line of Duty: Newpointe 911 Series, Book 5 - Terri BlackstockLine of Duty: Newpointe 911 Series, Book 5
von Terri Blackstock
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 02. Februar 2010          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 27,96 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

At the request of her many fans-Terri Blackstock revisits the heroic cast of characters in this fifth book in her best-selling Newpointe 911 series.

In Line of Duty, a bomb explodes at the Icon International building in New Orleans while lawyer Jill Clark Nichols is in the top floor boardroom. The 30-story building goes up in flames, and fire departments from all around the area are called in. The firefighters from Newpointe are especially concerned, since they know Jill is inside the building. Dan, her husband, rushes in to save her. But as firefighters work to evacuate the upper floors of the building, a second and third bomb explode, causing the lower floors to cave in. Firefighters and civilians are buried beneath the rubble.

One firefighter is unaccounted for - was he really buried, or did he take the opportunity to flee from the problems in his life?

When the smoke finally clears, a count is taken. Jill narrowly escapes the chaos of the explosions and fire only to find Dan missing. Were the bombs the act of a terrorist, or a scheme coming from a heart of greed? Can Jill's faith carry her through these long days of pain and uncertainty? And will Dan survive this tragedy . . . or sacrifice his life in the line of duty?

A Season for the Dead: The Rome Series: Book 1 - David HewsonA Season for the Dead: The Rome Series: Book 1
von David Hewson
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 10. Dezember 2007          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 20,08 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

In a hushed Vatican reading room, the scene was shocking: a crazed professor shot dead after brandishing evidence of a grisly crime. Moments later, two bodies are found in a nearby church, each with a gruesome calling card from the killer.

As the August heat takes Rome in its fiery grip, the news of the two brutal murders holds the city in thrall. And as the media gathers and Vatican officials close ranks, a young detective is sent to the forefront of the case. Nic Costa is the son of an infamous Italian Communist, a connoisseur of Caravaggio, and a cop who barely looks his 27 years of age. Thrust into the heart of a killing spree that will rattle his city down to its ancient bones, Nic meets a woman who will soon dominate both his consciousness and his investigation.

A cool, beautiful professor of early Christianity, Sara Farnese was in the Vatican library on that fateful day, a witness to her colleague's strange outburst and death. But her role will become even more puzzling as more bodies are found: Each victim killed in a gory tableau of Christian martyrdom. And each victim had intimately known Sara, whose silence Costa cannot quite crack and whose carnal history becomes more lurid and unfathomable with every revelation.

Soon, a nightmarish chase is implicating politicians and priests, while at the heart of the matter remains the woman Costa is both investigating and guarding. Wanting to believe in Sara's innocence, Nic still cannot turn his eyes from the truths he is uncovering. Even as the secrets of a woman, a killer and a city begin to unravel. . . with devastating consequences.

The Lost Angel: A Novel - Javier SierraThe Lost Angel: A Novel
von Javier Sierra
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 04. Oktober 2011          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 16,60 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

New York Times best-selling author Javier Sierra returns with a heartpounding, apocalyptic thriller about mankind's most ancient desire - and the modern evil some will unleash to obtain it.

" Every religion has a story for how our species came to mix with yours and was doomed to this planet. We are the sons of exiles. Cursed. Even man condemned us, blaming us for all the evils of the world. On the one hand you worshiped us, these beings who brought knowledge from the heavens. But you also feared us for what we might want in return. . . . "

In approximately seventy-two hours, a little-known Middle Eastern terrorist group plans to bring about the end of the world. Convinced that they are the descendants of angels, they believe they are on the verge of at last being returned to heaven. Central to their plan is the kidnapping of Martin Faber, an undercover American scientist whose research has led him to an extraordinary secret.

Martin's only hope for survival is his young wife, Julia Alvarez - a woman born with a rare psychic gift. But she must find the courage to save her husband, all while running from religious extremists and clandestine government agencies.

Sierra takes readers on an adventure across the world, from the summit of Mount Ararat to the high desert of New Mexico, from the monuments of Washington, D C, to the medieval city of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Sierra spent years investigating scientific and historical mysteries related to mankind's efforts to engage directly with the Almighty.

The Lost Angel bears all the hallmarks of Sierra's erudite yet fast-paced brand of storytelling, combining historical fact and fiction with dazzling narrative feats.

Truth-Stained Lies: Moonlighter, Book 1 - Terri BlackstockTruth-Stained Lies: Moonlighter, Book 1
von Terri Blackstock
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 12. März 2013          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 24,46 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

The first book in the riveting Moonlighters Series from New York Times and U S A T O D A Y best-selling author Terri Blackstock.

" Crisp prose, an engaging story, and brisk pacing make this thriller another home run for Blackstock. " ( Library Journal, starred review)

When truth doesn't make sense, will lies prevail?

Cathy Cramer is a former lawyer and investigative blogger who writes commentary on high-profile homicides. When she finds a threatening note warning her that she's about to experience the same kind of judgment and speculation that she dishes out in her blog, Cathy writes it off as mischief. . . until her brother's wife is murdered and all the "facts" point to him. The killer has staged the crime to make the truth too far-fetched to believe. Working to solve the murder and clear her brother's name, Cathy and her two sisters, Holly and Juliet, moonlight as part-time private investigators. Juliet, a stay-at-home mom of two boys, and Holly, a scattered ne'er-do-well who drives a taxi, put aside their fear to hunt down the real killer.

Stakes rise when their brother's grieving five-year-old son is kidnapped. As police focus on the wrong set of clues, the three sisters and their battered detective friend are the only hope for solving this bizarre crime, saving the child, and freeing their brother.

" A story rich with texture and suspense, this family murder mystery unfolds with fast pacing, a creepy clown murder suspect, and threatening blog visitor to boot. " ( Publishers Weekly)

" Truth Stained Lies is the first in what's likely to be a very popular new series for Blackstock. Her characters are flawed, faltering in their faith, and ultimately human. They're the kind of people you wish you had as friends. This latest novel should appeal to millions of existing fans and millions of new fans who just don't know it yet. " ( C B A Retailers + Resources)

Vicious Cycle - Terri BlackstockVicious Cycle
von Terri Blackstock
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 23. Februar 2011          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 24,46 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

When 15-year-old Lance Covington finds an abandoned baby in the backseat of a car, he knows she's the newborn daughter of a meth addict he's been trying to help. But when police arrest him for kidnapping, Lance is thrust into a criminal world of baby trafficking and drug abuse.

His mother, Barbara, looks for help from Kent Harlan - the man whom she secretly, reluctantly loves and who once helped rescue her daughter from a mess of her own. Kent flies to her aid and begins the impossible work of getting Lance out of trouble, protecting a baby who has no home, and finding help for a teenage mother hiding behind her lies. In this latest novel of suspense and family loyalty, bestselling author Terri Blackstock offers a harrowing look at drug addiction, human trafficking, and the devastating choices that can change lives forever.

Istanbul Express: Destiny, Book 5 - T. Davis BunnIstanbul Express: Destiny, Book 5
von T. Davis Bunn
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 26. Oktober 2007          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 12,25 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

With Stalin on the move to build a Russian empire that runs from the Arctic Circle to the Indian Ocean, Jake and Sally Burnes are dispatched to an exotic new location outside the sphere of traditional American interests: Istanbul.

Ulterior Motives - Terri BlackstockUlterior Motives
von Terri Blackstock
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 16. Dezember 1999          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 16,58 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

International art dealer Louis Dubose has been murdered, and the police are certain that they've got their man. Ben Robinson, recently fired by Dubose, has a motive backed by a convincing trail of evidence, and it looks like an open-and-shut case. But one woman, who knows Ben all too well, isn't convinced. Sharon Robinson is about to gamble her own well-being on Ben's innocence, even though her personal indictment against him is almost as bitter as murder.

More than merely a superbly crafted suspense novel, Terri Blackstock's best-selling Ulterior Motives is a wrenching portrayal of the cost of forgiveness, of innocence and faith pitted against monstrous evil, and of skepticism's journey to Christianity.

Fatal Judgment (Guardians of Justice, Book 1) - Irene HannonFatal Judgment (Guardians of Justice, Book 1)
von Irene Hannon
Taschenbuch, . 2011T          Gewöhnlich versandfertig in 6 bis 10 Tagen.

Preis: € 29,95 (Bücher Versandkostenfrei nach D, CH und A, bei Drittanbietern gelten deren Versandbedingungen)

Excellent Book

Rivers of Gold (Yukon Quest #3) - Tracie PetersonRivers of Gold (Yukon Quest #3)
von Tracie Peterson
Taschenbuch, 01. Februar 2002          Gewöhnlich versandfertig in 3 bis 4 Tagen.

Preis: € 8,71 (Bücher Versandkostenfrei nach D, CH und A, bei Drittanbietern gelten deren Versandbedingungen)

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