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The Greatest Christian Stories Ever Written - Henry Van DykeThe Greatest Christian Stories Ever Written
von Henry Van Dyke
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 19. September 2017          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 14,83 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

This a handpicked collection of some of the greatest Christian stories ever written. Many were written by the most celebrated authors of all time - such as Leo Tolstoy, Mary Twain, and Johanna Spyri.

When we speak of these works as Christian stories, we mean that each story has a powerful Christian message based on Jesus' teachings. Three of the stories are from Jesus himself. Others were written by devout believers like Henry Van Dyke and Johanna Spyri. Yet, one of the authors, Mark Twain, was not a Christian himself. Leo Tolstoy radically embraced the teachings of Jesus, but he struggled most of his life with orthodox Christian doctrines. Yet, the stories included herein from both Twain and Tolstoy reveal profound insights into the teachings of Christ.

Among the unabridged works contained in this compilation are:

" The Other Wise Man" by Henry Van Dyke " Moni, the Goat Boy" by Johanna Spyri " How Much Land Does a Man Need? " by Leo Tolstoy " The Silver Mine" by Selma Lagerlof " The War Prayer" by Mark Twain " Where Love Is, God Is" by Leo Tolstoy " The Little Hero of Holland" by Mary Mapes Dodge " Androcles and the Lion" ( Traditional) " A Spark Neglected Burns the House" by Leo Tolstoy

J - Ron ShawJ
von Ron Shaw
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 25. August 2017          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 4,33 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

Salvation can travel in mysterious ways, arriving through unlikely vessels. . . even while visiting a cemetery.

As one extraordinary man's life ends, thousands of miles away a baby girl is born into a world of little promise. In time, this orphaned child of God will discover she has received a gift greater than life itself.

During the darkest moments of their lives and deaths, three hearts and six souls will find each other.

You won't want to miss this short story of love, sorrow, hope, despair, kindness, and faith.

His Guide in the Night - Eric StevensHis Guide in the Night
von Eric Stevens
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 17. August 2017          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 4,33 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

Nomad didn't expect to run into anyone as he perused the city junkyard. He most certainly didn't expect he'd meet anyone like Azrael, an old man shrouded in mystery. Although they've never met, Azrael appears to know a lot about Nomad and his family. How his mother seems to be lost in another world. Nomad knows something isn't right, but when it comes time for Nomad to face the truth, only Azrael can help. This is a short story told at its natural length that you might find yourself listening to twice.

The Black Pearl - Bryan JabouinThe Black Pearl
von Bryan Jabouin
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 15. August 2017          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 4,33 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

The Black Pearl is a biblical-themed short story of a boy and his friends fight for freedom, from the hands of unruly pirates.

End of the World: The Beginning - Nesly ClergeEnd of the World: The Beginning
von Nesly Clerge
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 03. Juli 2017          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 14,83 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

The year is 2050. The Order of World Society governs the globe, the weather, the currency, and all facets of people's lives. The Peace for All Agenda is anything but peaceful. Scientist Gayle Conyers' life in this new societal structure is orderly, routine, focused, safe. Then it isn't. A renowned scientist forces her to work on a secret project that goes against her ethics and the Order. A protester warns her about the Order's web of deception and the approaching end of days. Gayle soon finds herself with a foot in two worlds: A scientific realm that intends to alter humanity for all time, and a spiritual one, where she's enmeshed in stories of prophecy, destruction, and the Apocalypse. Gayle remains skeptical. Until the event that stuns the world, one that causes her to face the realization that this may, indeed, be the beginning of the end.

Desert Rose: The Answered Prayer: Friendship, Hope, Faith and Love, Book 1 - Susan CummingsDesert Rose: The Answered Prayer: Friendship, Hope, Faith and Love, Book 1
von Susan Cummings
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 30. Mai 2017          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 4,33 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

In the late 1930s, and with a perfect storm brewing, there is still hope. The very fabric of America begins to unravel because of innocence lost. " Through our own recovered innocence we discern the innocence of our neighbors. " - Henry David Thoreau.

Plain & Simple: An Amish Courtship - Paige MillikinPlain & Simple: An Amish Courtship
von Paige Millikin
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 24. Mai 2017          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 6,96 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

Finally together, Seth and Ruth begin courting, taking buggy rides and sharing stolen kisses whenever they can. Seth is sure that Ruth is the one for him, planning to propose to her very soon. Ruth is happier than she's ever been, enjoying every moment that they spend together. However, when Ruth's parents express discontent over her blossoming relationship with Seth, they pressure her into giving up Seth and everything she'd dreamed of. Heartbroken, Ruth and Seth go their separate ways, leaving Ruth's brother David and Seth's mother, Mary, wondering what on earth has gone on between them. Can Ruth and Seth make their way back to each other? Or will Ruth's parents convince her to stay with them, and leave Seth in her past?

Editor's Note: This is the second Plain & Simple short story. It can be listened to as a stand-alone audiobook or you can check out how Ruth and Seth met in Plain & Simple: An Amish Love Story.

Snowy Peaks: The New Rulebook Series, Book 2 - Joy OhagwuSnowy Peaks: The New Rulebook Series, Book 2
von Joy Ohagwu
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 22. Februar 2017          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 14,83 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

Welcome to Snowy Peaks. A town of 920 citizens, proud of its high elevation and wooded locale nestled in western Maryland, five miles off the Potomac River's origin point. The brave souls of Snowy Peaks endure its weather purely for the love of nature. Most of its youth leave and never return. As far as anyone can tell, no outsider cared about Snowy Peaks - until Pete Zendel bought it through an online auction from prison. He seized the opportunity during an annual honorary auction held as a tradition in memory of the town's founding fathers, a symbolic gesture never meant to be taken seriously.

Now forcibly detained in his home and desperate, the town's mayor risks his life to send a covert message to the only person the world knows to have defeated Pete Zendel - the one who put him in prison in the first place - Ruby Masters. Their last hope.

Ruby " Red" Masters is glad to be living a normal life again. She busily prepares for her upcoming wedding to the love of her life, Sergeant Robert Towers. Until she receives an S O S message from the mayor of Snowy Peaks. Ruby and Robert must face the possibility of having their lives interrupted - yet again - by Pete Zendel. Will Robert be able to protect Ruby, without stopping her from answering an urgent call for help? What will happen to Snowy Peaks? Be the first to find out.

After 2: A Contemporary Christian Inspirational Series - Joy OhagwuAfter 2: A Contemporary Christian Inspirational Series
von Joy Ohagwu
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 29. Dezember 2016          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 19,21 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

I almost drowned. . . then I lived.

Blossom Daniels lost her job moments after she reported to work, because she couldn't climb the stairs for mail delivery, thanks to a permanently broken down elevator. Her day was only beginning. Little did she know, before it ended, she'd be fighting for her life in the chilly grip of the Potomac.

Josh Miller was running late to his sister's baby shower - a shower she pressured him to attend, refusing to hear his complaints of, "men don't attend that sort of event. " But after a slew of traffic mishaps, neither his sister's baby shower nor the traffic comprised his agenda. He was diving into the depths of the Potomac River to save a person he'd never met.

Blossom knew her weight would challenge anyone attempting to save her. She prayed desperately, " God, if you save me, I will lose this weight!" First, she must overcome the rough waves determined to sink her.

Jabez: After Series, Book 1.5 - Joy OhagwuJabez: After Series, Book 1.5
von Joy Ohagwu
Audible, Audible Hörbuch, 05. Januar 2017          Jetzt als Download verfügbar.

Preis: € 6,96 (Lieferbedingungen s.u.)

" The only stock you'll ever sell is chik'n stock. "

Jabez Patrickson heard those gut-wrenching words dripping with sarcasm from his father at a tender age and knew the odds were strongly stacked against him. Not only will his father not support his goal to become a N Y stockbroker, he would stand against any chance of his succeeding. Jabez set his heart on his goal. But several odds stood in his way - lack of money, insufficient education, and moral support. Will he make it to the N Y Stock Exchange as a stockbroker or will his dream be squashed before it begins? Will Louisville construction worker be the only job ever on his resume? Or with divine intervention, can he surmount the impossible odds to reach his dream? Be a part of his audience as he tells Candace his story for the first time.

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